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The Preferred Ambulatory Surgery Center in Royal Oak, Michigan

Royal Oak Surgical Center – Royal Oak, MI

With a high satisfaction rate among surgeons and patients alike, Royal Oak Surgical Center should be your choice for outpatient procedures. We have a high functioning medical team that specializes in orthopedic surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, pain procedures, and cosmetic surgery.

Surgeons choose Royal Oak Surgical Center not only because the process is easy and convenient, but also for the opportunity to do a high volume of work without sacrificing quality measures. Our open floor plan features one operating room and one procedure room, with the latest equipment and technology. Surgeons have the advantage of working with the same surgical nurses and support staff on every procedure.

Because we are a small, family-friendly facility, we are less intimidating and more cost-effective for patients compared to a hospital. Our friendly support staff can speak to patients on a personal level to ease anxiety and answer questions.

Consider becoming a staff surgeon at Royal Oak Surgical Center today. Learn more about the advantages only we can provide for surgeons and patients.

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